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PLEASE NOTE:  Pig Feathers BBQ the restaurant has been converted to Twisted Snout Brewery.  Please see the brewery's website for information on all the new menu items, as well as most of your old Pig Feathers BBQ favorites!  www.TwistedSnout.com

We currently have bottles of Smokey Sweet, Slather, and Ouch! barbecue sauces available, either by coming in to Twisted Snout Brewery in Toledo, or by ordering online.


Proprietor, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Stu Miller is the forme
r Oregon State Grand Champion of barbecue, with consistent wins in competitions for his pork ribs and chicken wings.  His delectable sauces and rubs are all natural, preservative-free, and gluten-free and are expertly blended from scratch to complement the smoky flavors of the meat for a heavenly taste experience that barbecue lovers crave. 

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