Q.  What do you serve that is gluten-free?
A.  Everything on our menu is gluten-free, except:  buns, chicken nuggets, crisps, Garden Burger patties, and beer. We serve hard cider and wine for those wishing to enjoy an adult beverage. We even use gluten-free ketchup and our french fries are fried in oil that is never contaminated with gluten. 

Q.  Why are my ribs pink inside?
A.  Even though our babybacks are pink inside, they are fully cooked.  The pink comes from what is called a "smoke ring," and are proof that the ribs were actually slow cooked in a smoker.  When pork is smoked, the wood releases nitrogen that reacts with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide, which reacts with the natural pigment in the meat to turn it pink. 

Q. Where did you get your name?
A. Pig Feathers was a name that literally came to Stu at 3:00 a.m. after weeks of brainstorming. The restaurant is based on the two items for which he won barbecue competitions: pork ribs and chicken wings. Pig - pork ribs. Feathers - chicken wings. Pig Feathers is also a phrase that is a take-off from "when pigs fly" - and symbolizes our determination to do the impossible!

Q. How long has Pig Feathers been in business?
A. We opened our doors in July of 2007.

Q.  What is the difference between your ribs and other restaurants' ribs?
A.  We serve one pound racks of true babyback ribs.  Our ribs come from young pigs and are cut from the portion of the rib that is directly next to the tenderloin. They are the most flavorful and tender babyback ribs on the market.  We find that a half rack with two sides is a satisfactory meal for most people. Bigger eaters are typically satisfied with a full rack and two sides. 

Q. What is the difference between babyback ribs, St. Louis style ribs, spare ribs, rib tips, and country style ribs?
A.  Babyback ribs are cut from the portion of the ribs closest to the loin.  They are the highest quality ribs and are more tender than any other cut.  The next level down are St. Louis style ribs. These ribs are not sharply curved the way babybacks are. They are a good and meaty rib, but are a bit less tender and flavorful than babybacks.  Spare ribs are the next level down on the quality spectrum. They tend to be less tender, more fatty, and bonier than St. Louis style ribs.  The lowest quality of ribs are rib tips. These tend to have a high fat content and may contain cartilege, as well as bone.  Country style ribs are not really ribs and can be high in fat and gristle, depending on how they are cut.  They come from the front end of the ribs near the shoulder, and if they do contain bone it is usually pieces of shoulder bone, not rib bone. We choose to serve the highest quality of ribs available because to us, it is all about flavor.

Q. Why doesn't Pig Feathers serve diet soda?
A. Becky Miller was hired in 2010 to illustrate and edit "While Science Sleeps, A Sweetener Kills," by Woodrow C. Monte, PhD. Dr. Monte's research was so convincing that the Millers decided they could not in good conscience continue to serve their customers such a toxic substance and replaced Diet Pepsi (sweetened with aspartame) with Pepsi One (sweetened with Splenda). Aspartame has been implicated as the cause of the epidemics of Alzheimer's, Autism, breast cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, heart disease, and more over the past thirty years since it was introduced. For more information, see www.WhileScienceSleeps.com.

Q. What is that giant tube thing across the river?
A. The tube that crosses the river from the lumber mill to the GP mill contains a conveyor that carries wood chips across the river to be made into particle board and paper products.  We love that our customers can look outside while they are dining and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the wooded hills and Yaquina River, as well as watch the activities of a fully functioning mill operation!
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