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We presently have several cases of Smokey Sweet BBQ sauce and a few bottles of Slather sauce available.  More Slather and Ouch! are coming soon.

Pig Feathers offers a full line of our award winning sauces and rubs.  All of our sauces, rubs and seasonings can be ordered at our on-line store and shipped right to your door:

Each of our award winning sauces and rubs are made with the finest ingredients in small batches to ensure the best quality control. And you don't have to worry about any MSG, preservatives, flowing agents, artificial ingredients, or additives because we don't use any of 'em. And they are all gluten free!

Smokey Sweet BBQ Sauce

This is our original sauce - the one with which Stu won most of his awards and championships. Truly a gourmet sauce without the pretentious labeling and outrageous pricing. Great on chicken, beef or pork.  Just $7 per 15.5 oz bottle

Slather BBQ Sauce

Like the Smokey Sweet but this one is just a bit spicier. This is a favorite of many of our customers. If you like a great sauce with a bit of a kick, this one is for you. Recommended for chicken or beef, but also very popular on pork.  $7 per 15.5 oz bottle.

Ouch! BBQ Sauce

This sauce is twice as hot as our Slather Sauce with all the great flavor of our original sauce. Pig Feathers BBQ's Ouch! Sauce is a favorite of many of our customers. If you love our original Smokey Sweet but the Slather isn't quite hot enough for you, this sauce is for you. Use Ouch! as a traditional BBQ sauce or for a real treat, put it on some wings. Having a party or heading out to one? Wings with Ouch! Sauce on them are always a big hit. We recommend this on chicken and beef. The heat can overpower the wonderful flavors of pork, but the sauce is so tasty, heat lovers don't seem to care! $7 per 15.1 oz bottle.

Smokin' Wasabi
Some people think this is going to be a real hot sauce. But during the cooking process, most of the heat goes away. What you are left with is an extremely savory sauce that gives you all the flavor of the wasabi combined with tones of smoke and sweetness with a wonderful base of soy. This is a real crowd pleaser and a great wing sauce - and not spicy. $7 per 15.1 oz bottle.

Savory Napalm

We didn't know what to call this one - so we left it up to our customers. The winner was Josh Phillips - a proud member of our US Coast Guard. He told us he thought of it because at first it is just really tasty. Then about 2 or 3 wings in, the burning begins - and it hurts so good! While it is not difficult to make a sauce that is simply hot, we wanted one that would be both hot and delicious. We think we've succeeded, and our customers who are brave enough to order this sauce agree. $5 per 5.8 oz bottle.

Thai Chili

Our Thai Chili sauce is made from ingredients and spices found in the finest Thai restaurants. Your tongue will pick up flavors of the fresh basil, lemongrass, Thai chilis, and a unique blend of spices you are not likely to find in any other sauce. Don't worry about the name, this sauce is not overly hot - just really flavorful. $5 per 6.4 oz bottle.

Buffalo Sauce

Have you ever noticed that most Buffalo wings taste pretty much the same? Y'know... like someone mixed a little hot sauce in some vinegar and drowned some wings in it? Well Stu decided to make a sauce that is true to the character of the Buffalo wing, but he gave it a punch of flavor that will have you making a meal of these, instead of merely an appetizer. $5 per 6.0 oz bottle.


Hog Wired

Hog wired is the rub we use on our Award Winning Ribs and our Slow Smoked Prime Rib. This is an amazing rub that really sets off the flavors in beef and pork. Rub it on your ribs and slow smoke them (like we do) or slow bake them in the oven. So good you may not want to bother with adding sauce. $5 per 7 oz shaker. 

Chipotle Rub

We first designed this rub to be used on our Hammered Chicken Sandwich and to season our burgers. What we are finding is that this rub works on practically anything and everything. We have put it on fish and scallops, in batters and coatings, in sauces, and on pan fried potatoes and other vegetables. It just works. Think of this as a great general seasoning salt with a slight Chipotle kick. $5 per 7.5 oz shaker.  $5 per 7 oz shaker.

Steak Seasoning

Our steaks have been compared to the steaks offered in the finest steak and chop houses in the country. This seasoning is the key.  We often hear that once our customers have had one of our ribeye steaks with this seasoning, they are never satisfied with other steaks again. Our Steak Seasoning is also amazing when used on a nice salmon filet. It is chalk full of flavor with just a hint of Hickory. $5 per 7 oz shaker.
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